The International Comedy Festival Rotterdam (ICFR) is Rotterdams first and only comedyfestival and this year it will celebrate it`s third edition! On the 7th, 8th and 9th of October 2016, the city of Rotterdam will be taken over by stand-up comedy in all of it`s forms. Taking place at multiple locations with various capacities on the south bank of the river, the ICFR offers a catchy sample of the current state of stand-up comedy.

Why stand-up comedy?

Humor belongs to all people and is of all times. The ICFR profides humor for everyone who loves to laugh and wants to have a good time.
Stand-up comedy is an increasingly popular art form amongst younger audiences. This genre places issues in perspective, be they trivial, be they essential. It criticises, explores the boundaries of what can and can’t be said and by that unites people.
In stand-up comedy, the comedians also tackle the subject of being different. They show it is something to laugh about rather than something to laugh at. Humor and self-criticism are the key ingredients of a entertaining stand-up comedy show that you can relate to.

Why a festival?

The Netherlands are renowned for successful festivals such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the North Sea Jazz Festival, Lowlands, Eurosonic and many more. The ICFR feels the same ambition to offer his visitors a complete experience. You are able to navigate through the programme and visit multiple shows within diffirent settings and locations throuhout Katendrecht. This is the perfect set-up for the full stand-up comedy experience. The ICFR will be like a candy store of comedy for it`s visitors.

ICFR also provides in the needs and demands of stand-up comedy artists, especially regarding the development of young (local) talent. Lots of ambitious stand-up comedy artists seek to conquer the comedy circuit, but experience a missing link where they can be scouted by the audience as well as the industry. In order to help young stand-up comedy artists to find their place in the professional field, the ICFR takes on the role as stepping stone. Young talented artists get to perform and meet professionals, enlarging not only their stage skills but also their professional network. In addition to the shows, an industry gathering will be held for all comedy professionals in the Netherlands, such as agents, representatives of other festivals, media, promoters, bookers and venue managers.

Why Rotterdam?

No other city in The Netherlands combines a good quantity of venues for indoor events, an apt landscape for events in the public domain and experienced authorities in organising festivals as well as Rotterdam does.

Different Manifestations of Comedy

In stand-up comedy there is a wide range in types of shows, varying from alternative to mainstream comedy and varying from scripted comedy to improvisation. International Comedy Festival Rotterdam wishes to show stand-up comedy in its widest form. We therefore offer the following types of shows, anywhere within the scope between alternative and mainstream comedy.

The Manifestations

Line-up show
A show of approximately one and a half hour, featuring a host and four to eight sketches by different comedians. In some line-up shows, a general theme is chosen to which the participating artists stick. An advantage of a line-up show is the interaction between the performing comedians, which leaves room for improvisation.

One Man Show
A show with one single comedian doing a longer and usually scripted gig, giving the performer the chance to really build up a synergy with the audience.

Improvisation shows are partly and sometimes completely improvised, often with suggestions of and participation by the audience. Famous examples of pure improvisation comedy are Boom Chicago, Op Sterk Water and De Lama’s.

Talent Show
International Comedy Festival Rotterdam will provide a talent show. Keep an eye on the website for more information.

Indie Comedy
ICFR wants to show as many facets of stand-up comedy as possible. A category on the outer edge of the comedy spectrum is Indie Comedy, an alternative and independent form of comedy that is totally different from what you're used to. A bit strange, but incredibly funny.

Plan your visit

Toegang alleen met polsbandje
Bij de kassa in Kantine Walhalla kun je je ticket omruilen voor een polsbandje. Toegang tot de shows is alleen op vertoon van een polsbandje (niet met een ticket)!

17:00 kassa open
19:30 start eerste show
0:00/0:15 einde laatste shows
0:30 - 01:15 late night show in Kantine Walhalla
0:00 - 2:00 Laughterparty in Cafe de Ouwehoer

Via twitter communiceren we als er locaties zijn waar al vroeg duidelijk is dat er geen plek meer is of als er juist nog veel stoelen beschikbaar zijn. Het is niet nodig om een eigen Twitteraccount te hebben. Je kunt via je smartphone op www.twitter.com kijken en dan zoeken op #icfr2016.

De centrale kassa is in Kantine Walhalla, Veerlaan 11 3072 AN Rotterdam / Katendrecht 

Metro /Trein 
Neem vanaf Rotterdam CS de metrolijn D of E - richting Zuid (Slinge of Spijkenisse), of vanaf zuid metrolijn D of E richting Rotterdam Centraal of Den Haag Centraal : uitstappen bij halte Rijnhaven.  
Dan nog 10 minuten lopen: loop het metrostation uit en steek de weg over. Houdt de JUMBO aan jouw rechterhand en loop via de Brede Hilledijk Katendrecht op. Alsmaar rechtdoor, rechts afbuigen de Veerlaan in. Rechtdoor totdat je op het driehoekige Deliplein komt. Links ziet u de wereldberoemde tattooshop van Tattoo Bob. Plein oversteken, daar is Theater Walhalla/de centrale kassa! 
Uitstappen bij metrostation Wilhelminaplein is ook een optie; u loopt dan over de Wilhelminakade, richting Hotel New York. Voor Hotel New York ziet u aan de linkerkant de Rijnhavenbrug. Direct over de brug aan jouw linkerhand ; Theater Walhalla/de centrale kassa.
Afstapplaats Provimi. Loop voor Provimi langs richting Veerlaan. Aan de rechterkant verschijnt het Deliplein. Aan jouw rechterhand, Voilá Theater Walhalla/de centrale kassa. (Reserveren en info over opstapplaatsen 010-4030303. www.watertaxirotterdam.nl
Vanuit de stad en de regio Rijnmond e.o. zijn er diverse busverbindingen naar Zuidplein met aansluiting op buslijn 77 naar Katendrecht/Deliplein. (minimaal drie keer per uur). Je stapt uit bij halte Lombokstraat. 
Op de fiets 
Vanuit het centrum van Rotterdam: steek de Erasmusbrug over (Colletje van de vierde categorie, stijgingspercentage 4%!!) en sla rechtsaf de Wilhelminapier over richting Hotel New York. Voor Hotel New York zie je de Rijnhavenbrug die je naar Katendrecht brengt. Direct na de afrit zie je Theater Walhalla/de centrale kassa.

Met de auto
Volg vanaf de Ring Rotterdam Havennummer 1280. Het brengt je naar het Deliplein. 

Vanaf oktober 2015 geldt in de gehele wijk betaald parkeren, maandag t/m zaterdag 9.00u - 23.00u.
Betaald parkeren geschiedt in Rotterdam dmv kenteken parkeren: Bij de parkeerpaal (hoek Deliplein, voor Tattoo Bob) betaal je met bankpas of creditcard (€1,67 per uur) of met mobielparkeren; zone 350. 


For international visitors: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is only a half an hour train ride away. For all visitors from outside Rotterdam: trains run to Rotterdam Central Station day and night from all main Dutch cities. From the Central Station one can best travel by tube to Wilhelminapier (D line). For a laid back touristic route, we recommend using tram service (lines 20, 23 or 25). For full independence, we recommend renting a bicycle and cycling to the festival area across the Erasmusbrug and the Rijnhavenbrug. The festival area is at an approximately 15 minute cycle from the city centre. By foot, one reaches the festival area in approximately 35 minutes.

Where should I stay in Rotterdam during the Festival?

We recommend two hotels that are conveniently situated on the Wilhelminapier: Hotel New York [http://www.hotelnewyork.nl/] and Hotel nhow [http://nhow-rotterdam.com/].

What is the best way to get around Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a large city that is well connected by tram, bus and metro [http://www.ret.nl]. All festival locations are within agreeable walking distance of each other once one has reached the Wilhelminapier. Walking, cycling, public transport and taxis are reliable options for getting around in the rest of Rotterdam. 

What is the best place for parking your car?

Wilhelmina Pier is easily accessible by car, bike, water taxi and public transport. You can make use of the paid public parking on Wilhelmina Pier from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 23:00 and on Sundays from 12:00 to 23.00. You can only buy a parking ticket in Rotterdam using a “chipknip”. In addition to the public car parks at the New Luxor Theatre, office building World Port Centre and Hotel New York, the car parks of The Rotterdam, the Maas Tower and the World Port Centre are also open to the public on weekends and during the evening hours.

Festival Rules

The ICFR is all about fun, but there are a handful of rules in place to ensure good times for all visitors attending:

  • In order to access the festival you need to get a wristband at the Central Hangout, in exchange for your e-ticket. This wristband gives you the right to attend any show of the main program during the festival. The e-ticket does not grant access if not exchanged for a wristband. Do not remove the wristband, as it is handed out only once.

  • Management does not accept responsibility, to the maximum extent permitted by law, for loss of property or damage to persons or property.

  • The first shows at the festival will start at 6.30 PM. The festival premises will open at 5 PM on both nights.

  • Any person attending the festival is required to carry ID.

  • Please respect the local residents when travelling to and from the ICFR and keep noise to a minimum, especially after 11 PM.

  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time duing the festival and may result in removal from the festival.

  • Pets are not permitted on the festival premises.

  • All festival venues are smoke-free. Smoking is not allowed during the shows at any time.

  • Instructions from the security staff are to be followed at any time.

  • Taking photographs in a private capacity is basically permitted. Only 35mm cameras, simple SLR cameras and mobile phones with camera functions are allowed. Cameras with a zoom lens or with video functions as well as recording equipment (MP3/MP4-recorder, dictation equipment etc.) of every type are not allowed without the explicit and written permission of the Management of the festival or of the artist. Please note however that holding up your phone in the audience during a performance is experienced a nuisance by many, not the least by performers

  • Being visibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted during the festival and can be grounds for removal from the festival.

  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy or consume alcohol. In the event that a person under 18 is caught drinking alcohol, this is ground for removal from the festival.


We are currently looking for volunteers to give us the helping hands that we need to make the ICFR possible. Of course, one doesn’t volunteer for nothing. In exchange for a shift, we offer you free admission to that particular festival day as well as an exclusive ICFR item. Please send us an e-mail stating your name, telephone number, address, date of birth and any experience you have in volunteering for festivals to volunteers@icfr.eu and we will get in touch with you a.s.a.p.

We are not able to provide you with sleeping space or a refund for travelling expenses. As a volunteer you are covered by our festival insurance. Besides the free admission to shows, the parties and the goodies, you will get a unique experience behind the scenes of one of the youngest and newest cultural events in Rotterdam. You get to work in an informal environment with many different people and especially to those students out there: volunteering absolutely rocks your resumé!


The press accreditation period for the 3rd edition of ICFR starts on the 1st of August 2016.

Guest accreditation

The Industry Guest Accreditation applies to people actively working within the (inter)national comedy industry (on and off stage) and provides:

•    Free admission to all festival and industry activities and main events
•    Access to Press & Industry meetings
•    Backstage access

Please note that submission does not guarantee accreditation!

How to apply?

All applicants that are not actively invited by the festival are requested to send a written request on company letterhead paper. Companies are kindly requested to include a short company profile. Individuals are asked to include their CV. Please email this information to pers@icfr.eu.

Information may be subject to change.

Press accreditation

The International Comedy Festival Rotterdam welcomes journalists and media representatives and invites them to cover the festival. The press accreditation period for the 2nd edition of ICFR starts on the 1st of July. The Press accreditation applies to journalists and media representatives actively seeking coverage of the festival and provides:

•    Free admission to festival activities and main events;
•    Access to Press & Industry meetings
•    Access to and free use of all Press Desk services

Please note:

•    Accredited journalists are asked to announce and report on the festival in their affiliations. The Press Office asks you to send printed or audio-visual impression of your ICFR coverage after publication as soon as possible. 
•    Renewals of accreditation are based on, amongst others, the reception of your coverage.
•    ICFR does not provide airfare.
•    Press accreditation to the International Comedy Festival Rotterdam is entirely to the discretion of the Press Office.

Information may be subject to change.

Sponsors, partners and donors

ICFR sincerely thanks the following sponsors, partners and donors:

Rotterdam Festivals
Gemeente Rotterdam: Sport en Cultuur
Comedy Central
Hotel New York
Theater Walhalla
Theater Zuidplein
Artistic Vice 
The Stand-up Club
Kopi Soesoe

Becoming a Sponsor

The festival wouldn't exist without our generous sponsors. We sincerly thank our festival sponsors and encourage comedy fans to support their businesses.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Please contact Ilonka Blok or Merel Kortekaas.


Business Director: Ilonka Blok en Merel Kortekaas
Program leader: Marcel Haug
Project leader: Joost Trines
Publicity en press: Sybrano Elson
Social media: Debbie van Polanen Petel
Artwork: Blackbook
Technical production: Fred Stoltenhof
Website: RoxMedia



When is the International Comedy Festival Rotterdam?
The ICFR takes place for the third time on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October 2016.

When will the program for the second edition be announced?
The program will be gradually announced throughout the summer of 2016. By September, the program will more or less be complete.

When and where can I buy tickets?
Tickets are available on the website.

I only want to attend one day of the festival. Is this possible?
Yes, day tickets are available for €30,50 presale and €35,50 at the door. A two-day ticket will cost €51,50 and €60,00 at the door sale. The door sale starts at 17:00 near to Kantine Walhalla.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
Tickets are available at the Central Hangout of the festival near to Kantine Walhalla. Do note that the door sale is more expensive (presale 2-day ticket €51,50, door sale 2-day ticket €60,00 // presale 1-day ticket €30,50, door sale 1-day ticket €35,50), subject to availability. The door sale start at 17:00 near to Kantine Walhalla.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the specific venues?
No, this is not possible.

Is it true that there is only one ticket for all shows?
Yes, this is true. However, there will be plenty of comedy that can be attended free of charge on locations that are to be announced.

Since capacities are limited, can I make reservations a specific show?
No, this is not possible. It is therefore recommended to travel to your location of choice in a timely fashion.

And when will the full schedule including timetable be announced to the public?
The full schedule will be announced on the 23rd of September, but tickets are on sale on 21st of August 2015. The schedule is subject to change at the sole discretion of the festival producers.

I want to visit the festival as a professional delegate. What to do?
For information on how to apply for accreditation, go to the Accreditations page.

Are all shows in English?
No, there are also many shows in Dutch, which will of course be clearly indicated for our non-Dutch-speaking audiences.

Suppose I run late for a specific show. Can I still get in?
We have to be clear on that: the answer is no. So please, make sure you get to your location of choice in a timely fashion.

I got to the location in time, but it was a full house already. What to do?
We're afraid that in this case you'd have to choose another show, as we can only allow a limited amount of visitors to enter the venue.

Suppose I don’t like the show I attend. Can I leave at any time?
This might vary for the different locations, but as long as you won’t cause too much of a stir, you are free to go. Note well: one cannot go back in!

I love improv-comedy, but I don’t want to be part of the show. Any tips on how to prevent that from happening?
No, but it will definitely not help if you’re late or draw attention to yourself in any other way.

I have a physical impediment. Is the festival accessible to people in wheel chairs?

How are catering and sanitary facilities?
Upon being a festival, we provide all things natural to a festival, such as catering and toilet facilities.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?

What about the sale and consumption of alcohol?
We allow the consumption of alcohol to those who have reached the legal drinking age of 18. Drinking alcoholic beverages is permitted within the boundaries of the festival and it is explicitly prohibited to bring your own drinks. Outside of the festival's boundaries, drinking is prohibited and you therefore risk a substantial fine, as reinforced by Dutch police.

What is the best place for parking your car?
Wilhelmina Pier is easily accessible by car, bike, water taxi and public transport. You can make use of the paid public parking on Wilhelmina Pier from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 23:00 and on Sundays from 12:00 to 23.00. You can make use of license plate parking. In addition to the public car parks at the New Luxor Theatre, office building World Port Centre and Hotel New York, the car parks of The Rotterdam, the Maas Tower and the World Port Centre are also open to the public on weekends and during the evening hours.

Is there a difference between comedy and cabaret?
Cabaret is the collective name for entertainment that combines comedy, theatre, singing and dancing. Cabaret is usually performed in theatres and hardly has any audience involvement. Stand-up comedy usually is one person telling jokes behind a mic, often involving the audience.

Can I participate in the festival itself and be discovered as a comedian?
Yes, you can take part in the amateur contest, shortly to be announced on Facebook.

How can I keep up with the latest ICFR news?
You can sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram! 

My question is not listed. What to do?
You can sent an email to info@icfr.eu.