Gerthein Boersma

Gerthein Boersma

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Performer at ICFR 2015

The Netherlands - Dutch

Gerthein Boersma (bald, beard) made his comedy debut in 2011 and in the same year, managed to reach the final of the renowned and prestigious Culture Comedy Award. He has since grown to be a well-respected member of the comedy community, known for his sharp, smart and surprising jokes and, especially, his canny observations.

(For example, have you ever noticed how all these comedian bio's are basically the same? How all of the festivals they've participated in are always 'prestigious' and 'renowned', how their jokes are often called 'sharp', 'smart' or 'surprising', and how they are 'especially' known for their 'canny observations'? Well, Gerthein Boersma has. And he's got the brutal honesty to point it out.)