Arie Koomen

Arie Koomen


Arie Koomen is and will always be the very first Dutch comedian to perform on the renowned television show 'The Comedy Factory’. He's also known as that guy from the Media Markt commercials, but please, don't remind him. His unforgettable contributions to the legendary ‘De Lama’s’ however? Yeah, go ahead and remind him of those. Arie was part of the renowned duo Arie & Sylvester and is currently touring with Edo Brunner as E&A. And he sure knows how to tickle an audience. Oh yes, there will be laughs!

Arie Koomen zal altijd de allereerste Nederlandse komiek zijn die op mocht treden in de beroemde tv-show 'The Comedy Factory'. Vergeet de Media Markt, en praat liever over zijn onvergetelijke bijdragen aan de legendarische show 'De Lama's'. Arie maakte deel uit van de beroemde duo Arie & Sylvester en weet als geen ander hoe hij een ​​publiek kan prikkelen.